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Los Angeles Document Shredding Services

Whether you require our service once or on an ongoing basis, Southland Shredding offers mobile commercial paper document destruction and medical records shredding services to meet all your requirements around Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Our company, which is located in the Inland Empire, also provides document shredding for the following counties: Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside.
Mobile, On-Site
Our original signature service: Mobile, on-site destruction of documents for companies located in Southern California. Our service will arrive at your house, office or storage facility on a scheduled date for your area, pick up your materials and quickly shred them with one of our high speed trucks. For added security, you are able to monitor your documents while en route to the shredder. We ask that you please use our Contact Us form or phone us toll free at 1-888-747-3331 to order immediate service.
One-time Service
Because customers normally store their files in standard 12" X 16" file boxes, we utilize this as our unit of measure for determining cost. To make it easier for you, your files can be left in a file cabinet or you can use a container of any size for collection. In that situation, your material will be transferred into a container that holds the equivalent of seven boxes and you will then be charged proportionately.
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On-going Service
We will provide you with containers in which you can place the materials that are to be shredded; these containers have locks and will blend into your office decor. We give you the option of a 64-gallon mobile unit or a 32-gallon stationary melamine cabinet. We do not charge any installation or rental fees for our containers. Service is scheduled to be on a set day or time, which means you will not need to call to schedule an appointment. Service can be provided on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis -- whatever you will require to fill your needs. Contact our customer service staff for assistance in determining your shredding needs.
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Please phone us toll free at 1-888-747-3331 to speak with us regarding your shredding needs. We can help you choose the container and the frequency necessary for your business.
Southland Shredding offers on-site mobile commercial paper document destruction and medical records shredding for Southern California, encompassing Inland Empire, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange counties. We will come to your home, storage facility, or office and destroy/shred your personal documents prior to leaving the premises. There is a video monitor on the truck which allows you to view to documents being destroyed. You can view a demonstration of the shredding process on our process page. Because we recycle all the material possible, California laws are adhered to.